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 #Cinematic_Arts Diploma by #AUBCEC | ديبلوم في فن السينما في الجامعة الامريكية 

AUB Continuing Education Center is Launching its new Diploma in Cinematic Arts on April 25 (Monday to Thursday).

This Diploma yields creative & professional candidates in the field of motion picture with dedicated specializations in various practices. Film is one of the most desired & challenging space among others, however this innovative program that is constructed in a straightforward and condensed manner delivers dedicated humanistic filmmakers, creative brains with superior technical skills, similarly to state-of-the-art Hollywood entertainment & visual arts institutions.
Diploma Requirements: 

In order to achieve this diploma, the candidate needs to complete 10 basic courses along with 2 specialized courses. Each course is 42 hours graded by exams and practical projects.
To apply, please follow:
For more information: 

01350000 ext:3140
#AUBCEC #Cinematic_Arts

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Faith Night 

I am starting a new story in my life written in details on this blank paper. I am born now. I am one minute old with full consciousness of the now. I am grateful for who I am. Thanks to God and every person on top of whom is mum and Imam Husain; I am blessing all circumstances that have made the dots leading to the now. Thanks circumstances and be forgotten now. My mind is now portraying the image of me a strong lady wearing blue, having a blue car, a blue house 🏡 surrounded by a garden from the west and a swimming pool from the east; healthy; sportive; happy; alerted and dynamic; forward and grasping all the chances in my way; writer; author; communicative at international level; networking with international professional but humble and good hearted people. I am receiving the best from all corners of the globe; all folks of people; everyone I meet. I am getting the best news ever. I am traveling, camping ⛺ and sightseeing every amazing heavily looking spot on earth 🌍 breathing with every star 🌟 I count in the dark sky above; relaxing with every breeze comes greeting me in my rest of mind kingdom. Dear world, Allah made you special to be in my service. I thank Allah for every apple 🍎  dangling on a tree in a wait for her ripe and my hands gently pick it to go in a new journey now flourishing my whole of me. Thanks for every bird 🐦 tweeting and filling the background with the tune of life. I close my eyes, come closer and whisper some good news of the good luck mum and friends wished me in their prayers. O God, my needs and requests are listed and registered from your honest servant grant me success, good will, strong faith and clear vision to see my road, my role and being that best pleases you and make the angels 😇 smile ☺.  Make me proud. Make me as You Lord would like me to be on this earth showered by all the blessings you are sending day and night. Make me special offer in the Faith Night 🌃. Years flip in a wait for you to push things forward and make me jump from good to better to best and best ever. Relying on You. In You I put my trust. Sure of Your generosity and You are All-hearing when Your door I knock. 
Faith Night 

Blessed Holy month of Ramadan 

1483 H

Fatima al Khansa