Trainer Post



He is at the crossroads

activity at hand

you have friends and family close at hand

Converse in confidence with a group of up to 20 people. Add any of your followers at will. They’ll get notifications when they’re added, so they won’t miss a moment.

You’ll be feeling happy-go-lucky, so bring this attitude into all that you do.

I’ve found my happy end at last

This is not an accident at sea

He said at a news conference.

She looks at the picture

She laughs a little at herself or the situation.

At war

A day at the spa

The Earth is moving through space at nearly 3000 meters per second.

The South pole is at the bottom of the Earth

at the Moon

detaching from the world at large

At midnight

The issue at heart

Sells a loaf at 47 p.

At next election


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