Learning English and Practicing Journalistic Style, Trainer Post

Phrases from top newspapers

Restarts from scratch

The worst may be to come

Blame X for this mess

Staff reductions

The chaos that will follow

Pass a bill (or bills) to fund the government and the president has to sign them

Pass a budget

Rest assured
The same facts give rise

He’sabsolutely happy for the Mayor to snap up a safe seat before the next election

Failed to utter the conference mantra “hard working people”

Young Brits

Hung parliament

Lots of work ahead of you

Seemed relaxed

inspired a generation

Please sit down because we’ve got alot to get through

Leadership rivals

Heroic work

Not to take this stuff too seriously

Reputation at stake

I’m very pleased by the choice

Had come up with hairstlye

The question prompted laughter in the audience

Gave them a talk on importance of social media

Have declied/ slipped/ shrunk

They booed/ cheered

Here/ there you go

Not very man of the people

There’s an allegation

Propaganda machine seeks to conceal

Has proved to be too lazy for the task

To ensure it can be the “nation’s chief whistleblower”

Launching a probe

Lean on politicians

To suppress uncortable truths

Care findings covered-up

The managers dancing to their political masters’ tune

The existing workforce will have to be stretched

Opening hours

Warning that policy could divert resources from more urgent areas of need

To succeed the policy would require significant resources


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