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Adjectives used as nouns

Adjectives used as nouns

Adjectives used as nouns

JULY 8, 2015 – 

In many sentences, adjectives are used to perform the purpose of nouns.

Examples are given below.

The English are proud of their sense of humor.

Adjectives can be used with the article ‘the’. These expressions are plural. Examples are given below: the rich, the poor, the jobless, the unemployed, the deaf, the blind etc.

The rich should help the poor.The unemployed are losing hope.The government should do something for the jobless.

The adjective cannot be used without the article ‘the’ in these expressions. In some cases, these expressions can have a singular meaning. Examples are: the accused, the injured, the diseased etc.

The diseased is survived by his wife.

Some adjectives stand for persons. They can also be used as nouns.

We should respect our elders.We should be kind to our inferiors.The seniors should not torment their juniors.The rights of minors should be protected.

Adjectives can form part of certain phrases.

In short, you must behave well.The long and short of this is that he has lost his credibility.I shall stand by you through thick and thin.At best, I can arrange lodging for two more nights.

Nouns are commonly used as adjectives.

She is a book worm. (Here the noun book acts as an adjective modifying the noun worm.)You lack table manners.



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