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I Pledge

The Day Devoted to Supreme Lady Fatima

I was about to fall down in the mud, but I didn’t. The tweeting of a bird on the upper right corner of the window above my head woke me up. A good tiding, indeed. Today will be a very special day- it could be a surprisingly fulfilling wish but what about the bad dream I had earlier tonight. It’s still now in the early morning. I set my Prayer mat and performed the Morning Prayer ‘Salat al Sobh’. Then, I joined mum sipping a cop of coffee while reciting al Fatiha ‘the Opening Surat in the Holy Quran’ and offering it as a gift to all of: Supreme Lady Fatima, daughter of Muhammad; Lady Fatima bintu Asad, mother of Imam Ali; Lady Om al Baneen, mother of Abbas; Lady Om Imam al Ridha; Lady Malika, mothe of Imam al Mahdi; Lady Zeinab; Lady Roqaya and Sokayna- both daughter of Imam al Husain. This Fatiha followed by reciting one-hundred times the Salawat of ‘May Allah’s blessings be upon him and his Houshold’ and presenting it as a gift to all of the followers of Ahlul-Bayt with the intention that May Allah fulfill their requests for today, so that my Allah fulfils my requests in return. As I am reciting, I remembered my bad dream. I run to As-Sahifa al Fatimiya in which all of the supplications of Supreme Lady Fatima are collected including her supplication for having a bad dream; I read it and rest assured. While I am continuing my coffee, mum received a phone call. She has visitors. They are her friends. I set my desk and started translating an article of a one of new projects. It’s about the possible mechanisms of restoring the Iraqi’s wealth being smuggled outside the country since the 90s. I am in. Highly active in defending human rights of oppressed people, nations and individuals. Seeking Justice- that’s my big purpose and goal in this life, not any justice- it’s the justice that Lady Malika, the daughter of one of Rome’s Caesars has always sought and let her refuse any marriage proposals including that of the top commander of her father’s army. She could read faces and she always following her heart. She knew she will make the right decision with the right man who will help her achieving that’s great purpose and goal. She has been well-guided and she successfully reached her EXACT AIM WITH THE RIGHT MAN AND BECOME THE COUPLE WHO BROUGHT THE MAN OF JUSTICE- THE MAHDI; AND NOT ANY JUSTICE BUT A UNIVERSAL INCLUSIVE JUSTICE FOR THE WHOLE HUMANITY ON THIS EARTH. I made a phone call for my twin sister Nada; her kids are having a 10-day vacation. ‘Coming, but at 11 a.m.. I am picking Fatima to a party held by her classmate; she’s near your house.’ She said. ‘Oh, come on! I’ve brought her a present (a small coloring sketch book with a toy that looks like her on the cover). Let her take it with perhaps she would like to color some of its drawings along with her classmate.’ I recommended. ‘Great!’ Nada said. What about my bad dream? I thought. The answer  is a feeling of assured-ness. ‘O Allah, kindly get me my requests and needs as fulfilled as I am assured right now!’ I prayed. And I continued translating up until they come. Today is Friday, the day we recite Dua ‘al Nudbah’ (Lamenting) written by Imam Ali al Ridha for Imam al Mahdi. Before having it broadcast, now there is a lecture by Sayid Hadi al Modaressi- one of my favorite religious scholar for he knows how to structure his sentences, I think. In this broadcast speech, he said something that I really liked and thus I immediately wrote and shared it on my Twitter: “When I Ali’s head got cut by a poisoned sword on the hand of ISIS father, Imam Ali sought treatment from a Christian doctor. #Brussels”
I’ve included Brussels hashtag because it’s the top current happening after Brussels got attacked by ISIS with two bombs in killing tens of people and wounding other hundreds and leaving the whole nations in Europe in a total shock. My tweet is fitting because it summarizes the whole issue- ISIS is the extreme opposite of us- we the followers of Ahlu-Bayt. It’s we who is defeating this plague. It’s our lions- the lions of Muhammad, Ali and Supreme Lady Fatima, as I usually definite them in my daily coverage of the advance they are making up until even BBC admitted that ISIS is shrinking in the Middle East and now exploding in Europe. The first comment on the blasts has come from the Head of European Union Frederica Mogherini as stating while shedding tears: “What’s happened in Brussels happens everyday in the Middle East.”
Al Moderresi statement comes after mentioning that it’s not the of Ahlu-Bayt to be doctors or scientists and thus they themselves sought treatment from doctors once needed. He added that Imam as- Sadiq had 400 students all of which are known as the initiators of science knowledge that later got spread across the world including Europe. Jaber bin Hayan who wrote the basics of Algebra is one of them.

My nieces and nephew Mahdi come. ‘Mum is downstairs she wants me to get her Fatima’s gift to take it to the party.’ Rayan, my niece said. She took it and I sat with Mahdi in my bedroom. I taught him what I usually do. I make a request and open the Holy Quran or a supplication book. Ahlul-Bayt have left us a treasure of supplications all of which are stated in a great language almost as charming as the language of the Quran with one difference which is that as you read the Quran, you are reading what Allah is communicating to humans; while in reading Ahlul-Bayt supplications, you read how Ahlul-Bayt taught us to communicate with Allah; make requests gently including asking for forgiveness, mercy, blessings, having offspring, good people, good job, greater income, peace, healing and so on. I usually make a request like asking what Allah would like to tell me at this particular time of my life, and I open the Holy Quran randomly with closed eyes and fully presented heart. Here it is- a page of versus addressing my situation accurately.
I taught Mahdi how to focus, think about his request and randomly open the book- we’ve chosen as- Sahifa al Fatima. We want to know what we should do for az- Zahra today. We made it in turn. He enjoyed it. He finds it really interesting to communicate with Ahlu-Bayt in this way. He got the page in which the supplication of az- Zahra reciting the Salawat in the best and most inclusive way ever. I read it and explained how accurate and scientific Supreme Lady Fatima is. “All praise belongs to Allah- praise that fills the layers between the spheres of the skies; praise that is as sizable as the seven earths and seven skies are.’ You see? She knows it. She knows the exact size of the universe. When my turn comes, I was thinking about this supplication, and I got the page of Tasbih Az-Zahra. I really read it following each Prayer I perform. Az-Zahra really knows what we re doing. Blessings!
We thought about another request. We wanted to know if we are beloved by az-Zahra. Mahdi got the page that mentions about Fadak, the land property of Az-Zahra. “Oh, maybe one day you will have a land property!” I surprisingly told Mahdi. Mine was about ‘Her Intersession to her Beloved People.’ “You see? As we requested. We’ve asked about her love to us!” I read the page, the Hadith narrates that on the Day of Resurrection, Supreme Lady Fatima will request from Allah to make intersession for her followers, beloved; MOREOVER, the beloved of her Shia!’ “So generous!”
Nada has come. Rayyan with her whispering something. I could hear her desire of paying a visit to Imam Husain. She said with a burning heart. “Four of her friends have gone to Karbala in the vacation.” Nada said. “Once you have desire, Imam Husain will manage it and you will find yourself there at the Shrine of Imam Husain greeting him!” I told Rayyan. “No worries. We will start make savings for it” I added.
“Look, I need more of the Turbah (the sands surrounding the Shrine) of Imam Husain.” Nada asked me. “You may get half of what I have.” I said.
Half an hour before getting our lunch ready, Nada wanted to go back and bring her daughter Fatima.
After she came, she told us that the part was held in the name of Lady Fatima. “I’ve given the parents some of the parts of the Turbah.” Nada told me. “Guess what? They said that it’s really the gift of Az- Zahra to us today. We are really thankful!” Nada told me.
“Did you color with your classmate?” I asked my niece Fatima. “No. We’ve offered it her classmate as a gift.” Nada said. “Oh, my God! I’ve bought it by the money I’ve got as a gift from Imam Hussein 3 TV, an English speaking TV, for my translation of the video lectures of Sayid Muhammad Ridha al Shirazi- my #1 Islamic scholar! Now a portion of this blessed Husainy money has gone to a girl named Fatima, too, whose parents consider the Husainy Turbah a gift! It’s marvelous how Allah arranges our ins and outs!”
I joined Rayyan and showed her how I am interacting on social media. I always have one dominant idea in my mind: if I pass away, Rayyan may continue what I am doing and may even continue running my social media with the same spirit to the extent the followers may not know or feel my absence!
I showed her some of my tweets and when I was clicking favorite star for a tweet on Imam Ali Shrine, I got a text message that I’ve run out of mega bites. I smiled! Exactly as what happened to one of the Islamic scholars Sayid Muhammad Ridha Al Shirazi mentioned his suggestion that one must stay active until the last breath of his/ her life. Sayid al Shirazi said who writes must continue writing until he/she dies. No retirement in Islam. And he mentioned the story of that scholar who was found dead with a pen in his hand and that the last word he had written before he passed away is ‘ALI’.
I smiled because the bites run while I was favoring a tweet related to the Shrine  of Ali! My bites died and the last thing I have done is favoring ALI! If luck would be defined, it would embrace this Hoson Akiba (Happy End)!

Few hours later, I received a call from  the Holy City of Karbala. “Where are you now?” I asked. “Walking by foot with the visitors of Imam Husain.” He said. “Oh, please mention my name at the presence of Imam Husain and supplicate on my behalf, and the behalf on my parents and my nieces and nephews.” I asked. “I’ve already done. You’ve got the largest portion of my supplication in the Shrine! I’ve supplicated for you more than for myself!” He said. “No worries. My requests include yours. They are one package!” I expressed.


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