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#ShareHumanity #ShareHusain How Shia defeated ISIS offering a Universal Sacrifice on behalf of Humanity

شاركوا الانسانية. شاركوا الحسين. هكذا دحر الشيعة داعش وقدموا انفسهم قرابين فداء للإنسانية | تغطية محاضرة الشيخ رياض الباوي، الليلة 6، محرم الحرام، 1483 هجري
Husainy Recitation Session – Night 6, Sheikh Riyadh al Bawi, Dawood Ashur Husayniya, al Basra, the Republic of Iraq-

Sacred Muharram Night 6, 1438 Hegira, October 2016

Woman status in Islam is carefully considered. Woman has to be married to her qualified man. Imam Ali and Supreme Lady Fatima marriage is Allah’s choice and match. No other man is qualified to marry Supreme Lady Fatima; and vice versa- no woman is qualified to Imam Ali other than Fatima, daughter of Muhammad, peace be upon them. 

This couple has offered all what they have in the sake of Allah. The Quran narrates the story of how they spent along with their children three nights successively offering their dinner first to a poor man, an orphan and a detainee. 

This sacrifice inspires their daughter Lady Zeinab, the most knowledgeable woman who narrated what happened in Karbala and offered the martyrdom of Imam Husain, peace be upon him, as a sacrifice to Allah, moreover, asking His acceptance.

“O, Allah accept from us this sacrifice [qurban].”

Dear youths, your attendance here in the Husainy recitation sessions is a source of sacrifice, source of pride that we belong to this school of thought. 

To this school of thought do the companions of Imam Husain belong. 

In the 9th day of Muhamrram, 60 Hegira, Imam Husain addressed his companions to go home. “These people [the enemy] want me in person”, he said.
But they refused. They stayed standfast. “I swear by Allah,  if I would be killed then chopped as many as seventy times, I don’t leave you.”  
Upon their stay, Imam Husain thus asked the men to let their women join the tribe of Al Asadi who take residence in Karbala. 

Hearing this, one of the women made objections as stating: “O [Master] Husain, would you want your mother [Lady Fatima] lose you and I keep my son!” 

After the martyrdom of all his companions and family members including his nephew Al Qasem, his two sons Ali Al Akbar, and Ali Al Asghar who was a breast-feeding baby, and finally his brother Al Abbas, Imam Husain stood alone calling their names one by one: O Zuhair, O Habib, I am calling you, why aren’t you answering me?


Don’t you know Husain I am? 

To this school our sons belong. Their sacrifice has defeated Da’ish and all states funding it. 

Our sons sacrifice is a universal sacrifice on behalf of humanity. 


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