Arabic, Communication, Documentary, Editing, English, French, Italian, Italy, Media, NGOs, Trainer Post, Translation, TV Script, Vacancy, اللغة الانكليزية, اللغة العربية, الالمانية, الانكليزي, الانكليزية, الايطالية, تدريب اللغة الانكليزية للاعلام, تغطية مباشرة


​English4Media offers translation, interpreting, editing, writing, documentary making and directing for Media and INGOS. Arabic, English, Italy, French, German and Japanese are on our language spectrum. We are a group of experts with advanced expertise and are based in Lebanon, Italy and Japan. We train English4Media course in person, for classes, in sessions or online via Skype. We do translation, projects and tasks from distance and relocate for permanent or temporary projects, jobs, works, vacancies and conferences. 


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