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Dear Mrs. al Khansa,
Thanks for … linking in!   
We are a team of experienced conference interpreters, developers and other professionals based in Athens and we are happy to present our web platform allowing video-conference with high standards simultaneous interpretation. More details on our beta site,   
I would be grateful to you if you would share with us your first impressions. And should you decide to test it yourself, I would be glad to find at your convenience a 15′ time period for you to test it live! You only need a laptop and a sound internet connection. (No downloads)   
We are building a network of partners / ambassadors and another one of free lancers around the world, and your opinion, as a colleague on a different market, would be very much appreciated, without of course engaging you to anything. Thank you for your time !   
Best regards,   
Yannis Haratsis  

Conference Interpreter – BICI Coordinator –


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