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 #Cinematic_Arts Diploma by #AUBCEC | ديبلوم في فن السينما في الجامعة الامريكية 

AUB Continuing Education Center is Launching its new Diploma in Cinematic Arts on April 25 (Monday to Thursday).

This Diploma yields creative & professional candidates in the field of motion picture with dedicated specializations in various practices. Film is one of the most desired & challenging space among others, however this innovative program that is constructed in a straightforward and condensed manner delivers dedicated humanistic filmmakers, creative brains with superior technical skills, similarly to state-of-the-art Hollywood entertainment & visual arts institutions.
Diploma Requirements: 

In order to achieve this diploma, the candidate needs to complete 10 basic courses along with 2 specialized courses. Each course is 42 hours graded by exams and practical projects.
To apply, please follow:
For more information: 

01350000 ext:3140
#AUBCEC #Cinematic_Arts


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