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A tripartite agreement connecting the Mideterranean countries ~ The Route to Phoneacia

الاعلان عن مذكرة تفاهم بين الجامعات التعليمية في لبنان وقبرص واليونان مع معايير موحدة وايضا إنشاء منظمة الحوار والحضارات وخط جوي يربط البلدان الثلاثة سياحيا واقتصاديا وثقافيا وسياسيا أطلق عليه “الطريق إلى فينيقيا”

Today, The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Lebanon Gebran Bassil, his peer of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulidis and The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Alexis Tsipras (Υπουργός Εξωτερικών) announced in a joint press conference a historical tripartite agreement between the three Mideterranean countries. A new route and flight line connecting the three countries has been initiated with the title of “The Route to Phonecia”. It reflects the ancient civilisation of Phonecians who helped spread the alphabets all across the world. It also reflects the reality of the region as being the cradle of the three primary Divine religions.
The tripartite agreement laid a memorandum on tourist, cultural, educational, sport, economic and political levels.
One of the significant outcomes is the foundation of the Adademy of Dialogue and Civilisations. Anather memorundom is set for university education between the three countries with a set of unified standards.
The Foreign Ministers also agreed to take steps to prevent the leak of refugees from the Mideterranean Basin to Europe with great emphasis on the fact that the perfect solution would be granting refugees their return home and that international society has to bear its full responsibility towards refugee crisis.

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