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Anticipating and Preparing for Emerging Skills and Jobs

By Dominique Slade04.01.18InGeneralComments 0

Back in December, I attended the Asian Development Bank 7th Skills Forum on Anticipating and Preparing for Emerging Skills and Jobs. As Head of Technical and Vocational Pathways at Cambridge International, I believe this topic is crucial.

We must actively prepare learners for the world of the future if we don’t want to fail whole generations of young people – not just youth with low or inexistent skills but increasingly high school or higher education graduates without the right skills for employment. The Forum started with two inspiring keynote presentations: Dr Carl Frey, Oxford University, presented the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ from a historical perspective, by asking the question: The Future of Skills and jobs: Is this time different?

The second presentation, by Dr Paul Kim from Stanford University, focused on The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Implications for Education. The difference in style between the two presentations was in itself an illustration of the main change brought about by the digital revolution – pace! For Dr Kim the main disruptor for education today is Artificial Intelligence and its underpinning big data technology.

Dr Kim’s key message, in true digital language, is that education does not need tweaking but a complete re-boot. How we learn in the future needs to go hand in hand with the other key question: what should we learn in the future? Introducing new technologies for teaching and learning must not only include sound reflection about how pedagogy has to be re-thought carefully to make the most of what technology has to offer but also essential re-thinking of what we should teach.

The ADB forum brought together a range of different education stakeholders such as policy makers, practioners, experts, employers, and social entrepreneurs.

It prompted rich discussions and some clear leads in terms of qualities and skills essential for the future:

Curiosity, ability to question and to research

Innovation and creativity

Multi-disciplinarity and ability to connect,develop own networks, to empathise and collaborate

Adaptability, responsiveness, agility;

STEM education, designing and making, understanding and use of data;

Entrepreneurship/social entrepreneurship, leadership, ability to explore/let others explore new ideas,

Coping with and learning from failure

Autonomy, learning to learn, life-long learning

Nothing of this is new but there is a shift, the ‘soft’ skills of the past are becoming the ‘hard’ skills of the future. Dr Kim illustrated this with a quote from Alvin Toffler: The illiterates of the 21s century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

Dr Kim presented SMILE (Stanford Mobile Inquiry-Based Learning Environment), a mobile learning platform designed to help students study school subject matter, develop higher order learning skills and generate transparent real-time learning analytics. Here is a school resource that can support learners to develop holistically the knowledge, skills and qualities that they will need to strive in tomorrow’s world. It is an example of how school leaders and teachers will have to unlearn and relearn new approaches to teaching and learning if they are committed to preparing their students for the future.

Here at Cambridge International we have been following closely the development of our new international headquarters in Cambridge, called the Triangle. Our new office from March 2018 will reflect the working practices of the future – a flexible, open plan environment equipped with the latest technology and plenty of breakout spaces where workers can reinvigorate their focus. The idea is to encourage and facilitate collaboration and innovation. This move will bring the whole of the Cambridge Assessment Group under one roof and coincides with our re-branding as Cambridge Assessment International Education, a more integrated global organisation, and an enhanced mission – how we’ll work and what we’ll do in the future re-thought at the same time.

We must approach education in the same way: not only re-think pedagogy in the digital age but also re-think holistically about the whole school environment and what we teach our children if we want to prepare them for the world of the future.

By Dominique Slade

Dominique is Head of Technical and Vocational Pathways and part of the Education Services team at Cambridge International Examinations.

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UNU #Sustainable #Development Explorer – United Nations University

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​Why should #journalists from all around the world be in #Karbala now making full coverage of #Alarbaeen?

​Al Arbaeen, the 40th day, following the martyrdom of Imam Husain in Karbala in 61 Hegira has become a universal Day attended by millions of people from all around the world. On this Day, free journalists should free themselves from mainstream media mindset and be where citizens choose to be. They should bring cameras and all recording tools and make full coverage of the amazing peaceful and flow of humans to the Shrine of Imam Husain, greeting him: O Husain, Son of Ali and Fatima, peace be upon you. 
People who have into mediation, humanity, kindness and quantum touch should consider the one thousand wounds that cut off the Holy body of Husain by the sword of devil, envy, bad intentions, destruction acts, greedy and wrongness. They should stand in peace from wherever they are in the comfort zone or mediating space sending support thought and healing energy from distance to this most noble human~ Husain. 
Human rights activists affiliated to care organizations in the world should consider the rights of humanity Husain sacrificed his soul to revive. 
Citizenship media and platforms should unite with those citizens who choose to walk hundreds of miles to record their stance and move in history: hello, we are here, defending humanity and renewing the pledge to  implement the goals of Husain that should be the Universal goals of the millennium on top of which are: Islam of Prophet Muhammad is neither KSA, wahhabi thought, al Qaeda or ISIS; Islam is education, knowledge, wisdom, peace, care for parents, observing citizens rights and make a satisfactory living standards.
Universities, heads of universities and departments, students and graduates should join this mass march to Imam Husain, peace be upon him, interviewing people, investigating why they are there. 
Live broadcast coverage and correspondents there right now are asking one simple question whose answer is open-ended and flow of expression of their faith in this brave reformer whom they miss everyday with every merge of every crisis; he is their shelter, their resort, their beginnings and ends; he is their answer to all package of local and global sufferings humanity is facing today. 
People walking to Husain are those who defeated ISIS advance, reduced its killings and crimes; defeated ISIS and all the states, arms traders and manufacturers, and loosing consciousness and humanity sense drugs providers behind. 
These people are affirming and confirming that life flows with two pillers: justice and reform. 
That is Islam; that is Shiism; that’s Ahlul-Bayt school of thought and the art of following them to upgrade life standards and impact on every human on this planet. 
People walking to Husain are those who defeated ISIS advance, reduce its killings and crimes; defeated ISIS and all the states, arms traders and manufacturers, and loosing consciousness and humanity sense drugs providers. 
These people are affirming and confirming that life flows with two pillers: justice and reform. 
That is Islam; that is Shiism; that’s Ahlul-Bayt school of thought and the art of following them to upgrade life standards and impacts on every human on this planet. 

These people are heading to their perfection and purification. They are in discipline. They stop to pray on time and remind each other that is what Husain did before getting ready to defend himself against the savagery attacks of an army of three thousand soldiers – as in today’s term which we witnessed in the flamed and fueled conflicts- the mortazaqa. 
These people are mentally mediating while walking to Husain, Son of Ali and Supreme Lady Fatima. They put themselves under focus. They care for perfecting their acts, thoughts, intentions and plans for today and future. 
They are here because they know their march to Husain vibrate amazing energy and register amazing supplications and blessed words in the universe. 
They are flowing like gentle breeze touching leaves of trees by the sides on the right and the left. 
Each one seems like a drop coming from I don’t know where or how just pouring in a vast vast ocean pouring themselves to the source of their energy and wellbeing- heading to Husain for a touch that no words could explain how it leaves you that so strong man or woman for a year ahead. 
It is walking to Husain- the journey that is full of mysteries that no camera may catch.
Study carefully the soundbites of every rich and poor visitor; study the arrangement that seems simple but in harmony- there are no event makers there; no Public relations graduates; no millions of funding raised from here and there. You may be amazed by this quote one of the organiser of food for free provider in the name of love of Imam Husain: 




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Calthorpe Park School – Model United Nations @UN


Model United Nations – October 2016

14th October, 2016

DSCN2188On Friday 14thOctober 2016 Calthorpe Park School hosted the 16th annual Model United Nations involving students aged 14 to 18 from various schools and colleges including Court Moor, Collingwood, Cove, Farnborough 6th Form, Fernhill, Bishop Challoner, Guildford and Weydon. Alongside the delegates, special guests such as our local MP Mr Jayawardena and members of Fleet, Farnham and Rushmoor’s Rotary clubs attended the event to speak and listen to the debates. Every team of students had three people and each represented an assigned country. On the evening of Wednesday 12thOctober delegates were given the chance to present their ideas and resolutions to the other countries’ representatives so that they could vote for or against the proposal based on their countries’ political interests. The most popular resolutions were chosen to be debated on the Friday. These included topics such as additional taxation on tea consumption, funding research into HIV/AIDS, conservation through poaching reductions and global border controls, all of which are highly relevant topics in today’s society.

One of the more quirky aspects of the event was the chance for students to dress in their countries national dress. Although not everyone dressed up, we have to take the opportunity to congratulate some of the countries for their spectacular effort. These include Jamaica, Somalia, India, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Libya.

DSCN2045    IMG_0666    DSCN2059

During the opening ceremony of the general assembly, Calthorpe’s Year 10 GSCE music group opened proceedings followed by local MP Ranil Jayawardena who spoke about the importance of politics for young people, and the purpose of the UN.

The delegates were all very passionate about their resolutions and the interests of their country as was shown in particular by Israel early on in the debate; after Libya passed that Israel should give 5% of their GDP as foreign aid, the team stormed out of the debate room and expressed to us that Israel was “disgusted that a group could make such an attack on their country”. They felt strongly that “the only cause of action was to leave”. The United Kingdom’s team was also very patriotic; making this clear with their flag waving during their opening statement and throughout the entirety of the event.

DSC_0063    DSC_0109    DSCN2102

Fortunately, we were able to speak to some of our VIP guests about the event and what it means. John Burton from the Rotary club, one of the events sponsors told us “We support MUN because this generation is the future. We do many programs to support young children, but this is the event that we look forward to most”.  A representative from another of our sponsors, TAG Farnborough, also commented that “It’s important for us to engage with young people in our community” which really highlights what this event is all about. Additionally whilst making a speech at the opening of the event on Friday, MP Mr Jayawardena spoke to the delegates saying, “Politics is about making difficult decisions for your people, for tomorrow” showing how beneficial this event is in the long run. During the day we also received many comments from students. For example a delegate from Court Moor commented “I think that MUN is an amazing opportunity to get students involved in international politics”.

For many years this has been an experience that has provided incredibly valuable experience for so many students. One of these students, Jack Smith, a researcher from Calthorpe, expressed that “It’s a chance for young people to talk about the things that matter to all of us and that’s really important”. The high standard which the event entails has ensured that this opportunity has been enjoyable for the teachers, students and guests taking part which has become very clear from the opinions that have been expressed today.

DSCN2119    DSCN2127    DSCN2130

We should firstly thank the delegates for all the hard work they has been put into this event, it was thanks to this that such a high level of debate was maintained throughout the day. In addition, the security team did a fantastic job at keeping the event running smoothly, and ensuring the delegates and guests were adequately ‘protected’ throughout the day. Thanks must go to the Gulshan for providing a superb lunch for all participants, the MP Ranil Jayawardena for taking time out of his busy schedule to attend the event, the Rotary Clubs of Fleet, Rushmoor and Farnham and TAG Farnborough for their sponsorship and support during this fabulous event. Finally thank you to all of the staff at Calthorpe Park who have been involved in the running of MUN but special thanks must go to Mrs Collinson and Ms Lonsdale for their fabulous direction and planning!

DSCN2152    DSCN2153    DSCN2157

DSC_0171    DSCN2174    jemima 022

P1050686    DSCN2192


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Imam Husain’s Stream of Life #Documentary on @Karbala_TV tonight 11 P.M. | فيلم الامام الحسين سبيل الحياة الليلة 11 مساء، قناة كربلاء الفضائية 

فيلم “الامام الحسين سلام الله عليه سبيل الحياة” كيف حل الامام الحسين ازمتين دوليتين في العراق: محاربة الارهاب وايواء النازحين، يعرض اليوم على قناة كربلاء الفضائية الساعة 11 مساء ويعاد غدا 6 صباحا. يعرض لاحقا على الموقع | Imam Husain’s Stream of Life documentary on how Imam Husain solved two international  crises hit Iraq through his encountering of terrorism and offering shelters to internally displaced people is broadcast tonight 11 P.M. and rerun tomorrow 6 A.M. on Karbala TV (